English To Chinese Typing Tool

Desire to type in Chinese? We have come up with the tool "English To Chinese Typing Tool" to make it easy for you all to type in Chinese. You can type in Chinese with this tool even without having any experience in the Chinese language.

You have to just type in English and it will be transformed into the Chinese language. The translation at most takes hardly a few seconds and permits up to 500 characters to be translated in one appeal. It is the most uncomplicated way to type in Chinese just by your English Keyboard. So, let’s start typing Chinese on our English keyboard following the below-mentioned steps.






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Steps To Write In Chinese By Using Your English Keyboard

1) Enter any word in English like - how [Press Space] are [Press Space] you [Press Space]

2) It will convert it to - 你好吗

3) What are you waiting for? Let’s try it from now below. 

If you believe that your entered word doesn't contest with the craved word, then press backspace 2 times, it will manifest more proposal.

The History of Chinese Language

The history of the Chinese language comprises of numerous swap in the grace period of the Chinese language in its numerous personification. Prior known origination of the Chinese language pace 6,000 years.

Sino-Tibetan Ancestry

Chinese is a chunk of the Sino-Tibetan language family, a batch of languages that totally fall from Proto-Sino-Tibetan. The connections linking Chinese and other Sino-Tibetan languages is a district of energetic research and dispute, as it is the attempt to rebuild Proto-Sino-Tibetan. The foremost problem in the pair of these endeavors is that, while there is extremely well authentication that permits for the rebuilding of the old sounds of Chinese but there is no written authentication of the fact where Chinese snap from the left out Sino-Tibetan languages.

Old Chinese

Chinese, occasionally familiar as “Archaic Chinese,” is constitutionally interrelated to all present dialects of Chinese. The first familiar utilization of the Chinese writing system is divinatory engraving into tortoise shells and oracle bones in the Shang dynasty (1600-1050 BC). In the deceased early and middle Zhou dynasty (1122–256 BC), write down which fell from the Shang has got texts of which add engraving on bronze artifacts, the poems of the Shijing, the past of the Shujing, and part of the Yijing. 

Middle Chinese

Middle Chinese was the speech used throughout the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties (6th through 10th centuries). It can be split up into an early duration, shown by the Qieyun rime dictionary (AD 601) and later bowdlerize and also late duration in the 10th century, show by freeze tables such as the Yunjing. 

Spoken Chinese

The evolution of the told Chinese from untimely historical times to the current has been complicated. Most Chinese persons, in Sichuan and in broad from the northeast to the southwest, use numerous Mandarin dialects as their home language. The currency of Mandarin all over Northern China is mostly because of north China's plains. Nevertheless, in spite of the blend of administrator and bourgeois speaking numerous Chinese dialects, Nanjing Mandarin suit preceding at least in the period of the Qing dynasty.  

Written Chinese 

The real Chinese writing system of the Shang dynasty is in present in use, manufacturing it as one of the elderly continually-used languages in history. Besides the standard writing systems encouraged by the government, leaving this no other written Chinese language has been popularly accepted and utilized.

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