Welcome to I Love Typing

Do you have an English based keyboard but are not that fluent in English? Or do you wish to communicate with people in your own regional language via texts and email? Well then we have just the tool for you!

Our website provides a platform for users to type in their regional language with ease, by the help of I Love Typing! It’s one of the best tools in the market that provides an instant transition of what you type in English to the regional language you have selected.

I Love Typing uses the help of Google translation technique to adequately and accurately translate your text into the selected language. 

How to use I Love Typing

The procedure to use this tool is basic and doesn’t require much navigation. Here are a few things to give you a good idea of how to use I Love Typing.

  • Once you open the website you will see an empty text box, in which you are require to type or paste the desired text which you want to translate into another language. 
  • On top of the text box you will see an option to select a language. Click on the desired language you wish to convert your text in and start typing. Or if you have some content paste it directly and I Love Typing will instantly translate the text.
  • While typing as soon as you press the space bar, the word before will be translated. If you were to press the backspace key the translated word will go back to its original form. On pressing the space bar the entered text or pasted text will automatically be saved on I Love Typing, so need to worry in case of your browser goes down.

  • It is beneficial you type the words of your regional language directly with the help of your English based keyboard, doing so will bring out the accuracy of the translation. For eq- “Hume aapse mil kar kushi hui”
  • Once you have completed with the translation, you can easily send someone a message or email them by copying and pasting the text acquired from our translator tool to the required place.

If you have any queries or wish to know more feel free to comment or contact us.

Tips to Increase Typing Speed

In a world where most jobs require you to be agile and accurate with what your write or present, having a fast typing skill set will only benefit you. Having a fast typing speed is a good skill, but only if you have the same level of accuracy. You can be typing fast but half of what you have typed on screed won’t seem to make any sense as you could have left out some insignificant factors that contribute to an overall demeaning type-up. For all those people out there who wish to change and enhance their typing skill, we have put together a guide of tips which will help you increase your typing speed along with your accuracy by multiple folds. 

  1. Use all 10 Fingers: Don’t be one of those people type using their index fingers of each hand. That looks both unprofessional and is also highly inefficient. It’s understandable that in the initial phase it’s difficult to type using all your fingers but if you don’t then you will never move on. Dominate the keyboard by spreading both your hands equally above it. With the left hand covering the left part of the keyboard and the right hand covering the right part of the keyboard. Stretch out your fingers and go for the keys closest to a particular key.
  2. Use shortcuts: Don’t go around right clicking on texts and selecting copy or paste. That’s very childlike, use commands like “Ctrl+v” (for paste), “Ctrl+c”(for paste), use “Caps lock” to type in capital if you’re typing more than a few words. Press on “Num lock” to access the number keys on the right hand side if you wish to type big numbers or a lot at one time. 
  3. Look at the screen: Many people are found typing with their heads down looking at the keyboard only and not looking at what they are exactly typing. This could lead to minor or major errors in your texts; like as you could have left out some small words, apostrophes, commas, colons etc. Simultaneously look at the screen and at the keyboard for better accuracy and precision.
  4. Get rid of bad typing habits: If you are a first-person shooter in games you will have the habit of putting your left hand involuntarily over the A-W-S-D keys. Utilize the left portion of the keyboard completely with your left hand while typing. And don’t go around using just one hand over the keyboard and the other on the mouse, it will lead to slow speed along with minimal accuracy. 

Well, that is all folks hope you found these tips on how to improve typing speed helpful and at your disposal. Type regularly and you will see how you have improved typing accuracy by a lot. 

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